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LuyangQihang is the leading APSM manufacturer in China. This product is an effectiveandquickly dissolvable
phosphorus-free auxiliary agent, and is considered the ideal substitution for 4A zeolite and STPP. APSM is widely used
in  washing-powder,  detergent,  printing and  dyeing  auxiliary  agent  and  textile auxiliary  agent  industries.  Our APSM
goes to many countries and regions such as Middle East, Africa, South America etc.
Item Unit Standard Inspection
white,granule white,granule
whiteness % ≥ 85.00 90.00
Ca exchange capacity(CaCO3) mg/g ≥ 320 332.00
Na2O + SiO2 % ≥ 75 78.00
PH 25℃1%solution ≤ 11 10.86
Bulk Density g/ml 0.48-0.60 0.50
Water insoluble % ≤ 1.50 0.80
mg exchange capacity(mgCO3) % ≥ 330 343.00

APSM is better than 4A zeolite and equal to STPP in terms of calcium and magnesium exchange performance.

APSM is highly compatible with any kinds of surface active agents(especially for non-ionic surface active agent), and stain removal capability is also satisfactory.

APSM easily dissolves in water, 15g minimum can be dissolved in 10ml of water.

APSM is capable of soakage, emulsification, suspending and anti-deposition, PH damping value is also desirable.

APSM is high in effective content, the powder is in high whiteness, and it’s suitable to be used in detergents.
APSM is high performance price ratio is environmentally-friendly, it can improve the liquidity of pulp, increase solid content of pulp, and save energy consumption thus greatly reduce the cost of detergents.

APSM can be used as an auxiliary agent to partly or completely replace STPP or 4A zeolite, and meet the demands of users.


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