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  • What is instant Sodium silicate powder
    Sodium silicate is one kind of colorless single crystal in italics, which has the relative density of 2.614 and melting point 1089°C, refractive index 1.520. It can easy dissolve in water but not dissolve in alcohols. Aqueous sodium silicate is white or gray powder. With melting point 48°C. when the
  • Dissolving process of Solid Sodium silicate
    Dissolving mechanism:Solid sodium silicate's dissolving process in water is different from the dissolution of ordinary electrolytes. It is a complex physical and chemical process. The dissolving process can be divided into 3 stages:Water dissolves: when solid sodium silicate contact with water and h
  • Different form of Sodium silicate
    Sodium silicate the trivial name is water glass and the trade name is natron. Molecular formula is: Na2Omsio2.


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